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TSSPDCL Sub Engineer Syllabus 2016

The Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana has released the Syllabus for the TSSPDCL Sub Engineer exam. Candidates who have applied for the Exam can visit the Official Website to download the Syllabus.

Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited

TSSPDCL is the Electricity Distribution Company owned by the Government of Telangana for the Five Southern Districts of Telangana. It is a Public Limited Company with headquarters at Hyderabad. Recently it released a notification for recruiting the candidates for Sub Engineer posts.

TS Power DCL Sub Engineer Exam Pattern

Written exam No of questions No of marks
Subject wise questions 80 80
General awareness 20 20
Total 100 100

Telangana State SPDCL Sub Engineer Syllabus

Basic Electrical Engineering 

  • Star/Delta transformation.
  • Magnetic effects, Electromagnetic induction.
  • Heating effects of electric current.
  • Magnetic.
  • Semi-conducting
  • Insulating.
  • Batteries.
  • Electrostatics.
  • Di-electric materials – Properties and Uses.
  • Types of Electrical Engineering materials – Conducting.

D.C. Machines & Measurements D.C.Generators 

  • EMF Equation, Windings
  • Construction, Operation, Types of D.C.Generators.
  • Characteristics, Efficiency and Parallel operation.
  • Principle of operation of D.C Motors.
  • Back EMF, Torque Equation.
  • Measuring Instruments of Classification.
  • Transducers and Sensors – Types.
  • Principle of Operation of Moving Coil.
  • Measurement of Resistance Thermistor.

A.C. Circuits and Transformers

  • A.C. Circuits and it’s Fundamentals.
  • Series and parallel R-L-C Circuits.
  • Resonant circuits, Three-phase circuits.
  • Measurement of power by two Wattmeters.
  • Transformers-Single-phase Transformer
  • Construction and Operation of Transformer
  • Regulation Three-phase transformer and Auto-transformer etc.

A.C. Machines Alternators

  • Synchronous Motors-Operation and performance.
  • Effects of excitation.
  • V – Curve and inverted V – Curve.
  • Single-phase Motors.

Power System Generation & Protection Generating Stations

  • Working components.
  • Directional and Non-directional relays.
  • Differential relays and Distance relays.
  • Protection of Alternations, Transformers, Bus-bars.
  • Transmission lines.
  • Comparison of Thermal and Nuclear stations.

Transmission and Distribution Transmission

  • Types of supply systems.
  • Transmission Line parameters.
  • Basic concepts of HVDC Transmission-Advantages and disadvantages.

Utilization and Electric Drives Lighting

  • Laws of Illumination.
  • Electric Traction.
  • Systems of Train Electrification.
  • Tractive Effort.
  •  Speed-time Curves for different services.
  • Specific Energy Consumption, Traction system auxiliaries, Traction motors.
  • Electric Drives-Different Types, nature of load, Rating of motors etc.

Electrical Estimation and Automation Electrical Wiring

  • Wires and Types of wiring.
  • Lamp Circuits.
  • Accessories Estimating and Costing of domestic.
  • Principles of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • Automation basics.

Basic Electronics and Digital Electronics Semi-Conductor Devices

  • Input and output characteristics.
  • Transistor configurations.
  • Filters, Zener diode.
  • Special devices cet.

Electronics and Micro Controller Power Electronic Devices

  • Construction and working of SCR, GTO, DIAC, TRIAC.
  • Amplifiers-Types, Principles of operation of Amplifiers.
  • Transformer coupled, and Direct coupled amplifiers.


  • Speed control.
  • Cyclo converters.
  • D.C.Motors using convertors and choppers

Syllabus for Paper-2

  • Numerical Ability.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Computer Awareness.
  • General Knowledge.
  • Socioeconomic, Political and Cultural History of Telangana with special emphasis on Telangana

Click here to download TSSPDCL Sub Engineer Syllabus

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